Overcoming ADHD to Build a Better Future

Back when I was as little as five years old. They asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Most kids had an answer – astronaut, president, a princess. However, what my teachers didn’t know was that I was trying to overcome ADHD in the classroom. As someone trying to conquer ADHD – that is, trying to subdue my erratic behavior in the classroom – the thought of being an astronaut, president, princess like all the other boys and girls was not on my list of priorities. But after we’ve all finally grown up, at graduation, they asked again – and this time, they wanted a serious answer. I didn’t have one – and with my ADHD growing worse and worse with each passing year. I wasn’t so sure what horrors the future had in store for me.

Most students in college, have an extremely difficult time figuring out what they want to do with their life. After senior year in high school, we’re faced with the serious matter of figuring out what to do. Now, imagine how difficult it must be for someone trying to control and his ADHD – of which one of the most prominent symptoms is the inability to focus.

But despite having problems with ADHD or not, trying to figure that out at such an early age might just be a flawed concept. To tell you now, a lot of us adults still ponder at that very question as well – and those with ADHD, probably a lot more than others – because to tell you the truth, life never goes according to plan. There are just too many variables every day in life that might change your opportunities, the world, or change you. Especially when you need to put so much focus and time on deciding something that might not even be relevant in the future. In Addition to that, you have the constant uncertainty of ADHD, everything becomes a mess.


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Take your focus away from combating ADHD. Instead, start investing on the skills that will safeguard success in anything you might wish to pursue in the future:

Learn to Live with Discomfort and Uncertainty. A lot of the amazing things that we can accomplish in life have to do with taking a risk. We can’t always be 100% sure of everything that we do. However, by allowing discomfort in our lives opens us up to many great opportunities we otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

Overcome Distraction and Procrastination. No amount of opportunities, and any skills or abilities that we may possess, fall short if we have not learnt to overcome distraction and procrastination. And this might be even harder to overcome, especially for those like us. Really, distraction and procrastination are ways to deal with discomfort and uncertainty, so if you’ve mastered the first point, this shouldn’t be too difficult as well.

Learn how to Sell. The art of selling is an undervalued skill that every successful person should possess. Every single day, without even knowing, we’re selling something to someone. We’re selling them on an idea, we’re selling them on an opinion, and we’re selling them on ourselves. Getting people to believe in you, and being able to influence people through words or actions should be something we should all consider. The key to a successful influencer is usually creativity – something you may probably have in abundance as an ADHD sufferer. If you can sell a girl in the club into going home with you, you can sell an idea to an investor.

Build Your Reputation. In today’s world of global competitiveness, networking is something that can be extremely important. While ADHD might not make you the most sociable person, understand that knowing the right people, and having the right people know you, what you do, and what you can really offer can immensely put you one step ahead.

Be on the Lookout for Opportunities. With just all the aforementioned skills, you should be able to build yourself an amazing future. You’ll be way, way ahead of the 90% out there. But to truly become the 1% you must learn to identify opportunities. More importantly, you have to be able take action on them.

In the sea of unpredictability, ADHD is like a hurricane.

If you’ve had this misguided notion of needing to figure everything out right now, it’s time for you to know the truth: you don’t have to focus on the future. To be honest, I myself, have always found ways to keep my ADHD at bay through the years. The most important thing that I realised is that it didn’t matter how I did it.  What was important was to spend time on the things (such as the 5 skills shown above) that can be actioned right now. Things that can become applicable and beneficial skills. These are things that can safeguard a future for you, regardless of the uncertainties tomorrow might bring.

Overcoming ADHD? With these 5 skills, you are going to SMASH it!

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