Brain Supplements: Silicon Valley’s Magic Success Pills

We all know about Adderall’s supposed improved effect on university students’ education grades. However, those in the know around Silicon Valley are swearing that brain supplements have laid the foundations for much of their empire. While many in the area would love to keep their secret supplements all to themselves. The increase in media attention is making increased public take-up seem like a foregone conclusion. Nootropics are known to increase focus and productivity as they stimulate the parts of the brain responsible for clarity, however, unlike prescription pills (Adderall), brain supplements are available over the counter and can be found all over the country. Moreover, users can also find them online, through a variety of different distribution centres.

A number of recent articles have focused on the phenomena of nootropics and their cognitive enhancement on the whizz kids of Silicon Valley. This one from talks about the increasing use of nootropics over more well-known stimulants. Primarily substances such as caffeine and other Wolf of Wall Street type motivational substances. It is widely considered as an un-written rule in certain companies that 18-hour work days are standard in return for lucrative salaries and opportunities to make it big. Accordingly, people need to take any opportunity they can to give themselves an edge over their competition.  That is specifically where brain supplements come in.

A Silicon Valley worker had an experiential report done on him by, on brain supplements and the impacts they have had on his life. As people working in the Valley are on the cutting edge of technological advancement. They are also aware of taking full advantage of the limits of the human body and mind. This article talks about how this particular community is taking full advantage of the scientific possibilities afforded by medical science.

Nootropics (brain supplements) are no longer a sub-culture and have a huge following. There are thousands of websites detailing effects/results, and even recipes online for making your own nootropic concoctions. If the thought of playing ‘Breaking Bad’ in your own kitchen and the possible safety implications that go with mixing your own formulas. Then there are companies out there catering to those looking for a potent prebuilt ‘all in one’ daily supplement. The positives of buying a ‘biohacking’ supplement direct from a manufacturer such as current industry leader Project NooYou, are the rigorous testing undertaken on their products before going to market, and the obvious years of expertise in what only recently was an ‘underground practice’.

How things have changed… These days we all take supplements for all sorts of different ailments and to give ourselves advantages – usually over time and aging! Many people who hit the gym take creatine and protein to maximize their recovery and muscles’ potential for growth. While many of us take multivitamins each day in order to give our body the best chance to absorb as many vitamins and minerals as possible to stay healthy. Nootropics work in the same way for the brain. Waking up sleepy, drowsy, or cloudy from a restless night can destroy a whole day’s productivity. Thus, costing us much more in financial and motivational terms.

It is for these reasons that nootropics have become dominant in the cognitive enhancement world. Yes, caffeine can do the job on those unmotivated and lethargic ‘not-a-morning person’ days. However, keep in mind that despite caffeine’s quick fix, it really doesn’t do much in the long run. While, brain supplements are more holistic entities that are blended with a number of ingredients (called stacks), which are intended to be consumed over a longer period of time. Thus providing customers with ever increasing results.

Have the edge over your peers and excel beyond the standards of many, with the help of these magical supplements.

Typically, it takes a week to truly feel the effect of nootropics (anything less is usually deemed an energy pill). Once you’ve experienced improved cognitive enhancement, you won’t want go back to being without your extra boost of brain power again. This is all good news for Silicon Valley. With greater advancements in the field of nootropic development. Customer demand is certain to skyrocket within the coming years. We want to be faster, quicker, smarter and sharper – and we want it now!

This is all good news for companies like Project NooYou. We owe the ‘discovery’ of new ingredients to the companies who have the persistence to raise awareness for such herbs. Especially, outside of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine circles… No doubt Silicon Valley would love to keep their secret edge to themselves. However, we Americans are not ones to let others get the better of us, and it is predicted that before long we will all be sleeping less and getting more done with our days thank to these brain enhancing wonder drugs. So, next time you meet a hyper-focused Silicon Valley worker here’s what you should say to them.  Tell them you know their secret and that you, too, know how to get more out of your mind. Moreover, you can gain this advantage with the help of just a little pill.

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