Is Social Media Harming your Concentration? (you may be surprised by the answer)

This recent article by Forbes puts a new spin on one of the defining questions of our times. Is technology killing our ability to concentrate? We expect that your reaction would be, yes, absolutely! Yet, it seems that the opposite may be true. The use of cognitive enhancements has impacted the intellectual capacity of the modern era

Rather than not being able to focus. Perhaps, it may be better to think of the situation more along the lines of us getting better. While, filtering out things we aren’t interested in. A gripping article or novel will still keep you focused enough to finish it, but a boring article will lose you before the end of the second paragraph, the secret is…

Ok, third paragraph, glad you don’t think we’re boring. So, the secret is engaging writing. People writing copy need to adapt to the digital world and write accordingly. There will always be a market for long journal style articles. However, that is not, and has never been, the mass market. In the age of Pinterest and Facebook, writers need to get better at conveying complex information in the simplest way possible. Thus the reason to why Twitter has seen so much success.

Many Twitter posts are short descriptions linking to longer pieces, and, if you have history with the author, or he/she can pique your interest in 140 characters then it’s a win for everyone involved. If not, there are plenty more readers and articles to move on to.

There are some though we seek to boost their productivity by using cognitive enhancements or brain boosters. Which are cognitive enhancements made of up various ‘nootropics’. With claims suggesting that they have similar effects on users as the protagonists in Lucy and Limitless have experienced. We can’t vouch for that, but the enduring popularity of smart pills with the Silicon Valley and Wall Street crowds, as well as the Millennials, indicate a different engagement with text in the modern day.

For example, you may be surprised to learn that we are actually reading more today than at any time in human history. This seems counter-intuitive in our era of ADHD and 140 character-tweets. However, in terms of words read per year, we’ve never read more. Yes, Facebook may be flippant, but there has never been such a forum for being able to access information that is directly related to you, whether you ‘like’ Noam Chomsky or Taylor Swift.

Facebook has 1.44 billion users, yes BILLION. It’s a huge number and each of them is reading their feed. While also accessing the immense amount of content that is out there online. The entire works of Shakespeare can be found online for free (here, if you’re interested) and, yes, more people are reading Shakespeare (and Plato) than at any other time in history.

It is easy to dismiss the modern era as worse than previous generations and hark back to a lost golden age. Nonetheless,  the truth is that we are living in arguably the greatest time in history. At least in terms of the average person being able to educate themselves without the need to go through the cultural gatekeepers of privilege that universities have been over the centuries. Remember women and non-whites were only allowed access in the 20th Century.

Yes, it’s truly a golden age that we live in. For many the greatest challenge is to try and stay focused, despite having so many options all around us. The two options that rule the roost in 2015 are deep meditation, which in truth, is only around 50 years old and was formed in the USA, rather than India, and a lifestyle based on cognitive enhancements.

Persistence is Key to Success – Stay Committed (Utilise Cognitive Enhancements)

Both of these options are choices and require dedication. Meditation is a commitment of at least 40 minutes per day. Progressive cognitive enhancements requires a daily consumption of supplements. For those who choose the latter, the stories are inspirational. It takes around a week to start to feel any change. Although once the impact of something like Nooshift starts to take hold, it’s a game changer. Sleep patterns improve, concentration improves. Making it possible to get more done in a 24-hour period then what was previously imaginable.

In conclusion, don’t fall for the easy option of dismissing the present day as vacuous and base. There are so many options available that almost any style of life is available, and yes, there may be more choices now, but that is awesome! Plato, Socrates or Miley Cyrus, all at the touch of a button. What to choose?! Well, get some help with the focus stuff if you are having issues tuning in. Once you’re ready to take charge, you will be empowered to take over the world!

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