Nootropic Supplements and their effect on Navy Seals

We as individuals consider the Navy Seals to be the ultimate all-American Heroes. Moreover, when times get tough we can rely on their services. But what is life really like as a Seal and what gives them their edge over the rest of us? Well, the obvious answers are determination and strengthen. Although, these are traits which are given a helping hand by the use of nootropic supplements.

You may not know much about nootropics, but our armed forces certainly do. Soldiers of the previous generations were given boosts by their superiors to help them stay focused and awake. This was especially helpful during stressful times and days without sleep. However, these boosts came in the form of amphetamines; drugs that are illegal for the rest of us. Over the years, many Vets have complained about the withdrawal symptoms of coming off this highly addictive ‘speed pill’ and depression has inevitably followed.

The backlash against feeding ‘go pills’ to our soldiers led to the military looking elsewhere. The objective was to find supplements which had the ability enable peak performance from our heroes, without the unwanted backlash. Strangely, this mission took them to Wall Street and Silicon Valley. High flyers in the tech and financial industries have a long history of using ‘cognitive enhancement’ supplements. Most “High Flyers” purchase these supplements due to their ability to enhance focus and activate their creative faculties. Thus, allowing them to work for days on end without any sleep.

Superiors in the military soon realized that the Seals had a huge crossover with these attributes , who need to be on top of their game all year round. Once they learned that nootropics supplements also help increase physical endurance and can fuel workouts, they were sold. The main benefits of nootropics are that they are based on naturally occurring products. Especially due to caffeine being the most famous of the nootropic supplements. However, upon our discovery we have noticed that higher quality nootropic stacks tend to stay away from caffeine, as it diminishes the cleanness of the ‘high’.

What is a nootropic stack?

A nootropic ‘stack’ is a combination of different nootropics. Specifically selected for their positive symbiotic effect and there are different stacks for different objectives. One of the main nootropic supplements is our Readers Choice Winner Nooshift, which claims to upgrade Memory, Focus, Processing Speed and overall Brain Functions.

Nooshift – Ingredients & (Possible) Effects

The ingredients used in Nooshift may not be common parlance, but make up the cream of the crop when it comes to nootropic supplements. Noopept is the core ingredient, and it is something that you should really know about. Individuals who were suffering from Alzheimer’s disease were the first to get on Noopept. However, it soon became clear that its effectiveness went way beyond its original purpose as its functions include increasing memory recall and focus, meaning that soldiers in the battle field can maintain a clear perspective when the going gets tough.

Another key ingredient is Uridine – a nootropic rapidly ascending the ranks among biohackers globally. By increasing blood flow and eradicating toxins, Uridine helps increase dopamine production, helping blood flow into the brain and aiding focus, and memory consolidation during sleeping hours. This substance is said to enable quicker reactions, and when every millisecond counts on the battle field, it makes sense for those fighting to have the best possible chance of getting ahead.

Nootropics (such as Nooshift) are an entirely different approach from the Seals. Rather than using the traditional amphetamine-based ‘go pills’, nootropic supplements build up over time and their effects are felt cumulatively, by taking them each day, they cleanse and boost with full effects starting to be felt after around 14 days. Clearly then, these nootropic supplements indicate a lifestyle choice. Their increasing mainstream popularity is an indication that they have moved beyond the board rooms of the biggest countries in the land and are being used by people from all walks of life to gain an edge at work, in the gym, on the battle field, or in daily life.

Where can I purchase Nootropic Supplements?

Customers may purchase products like Nooshift  in supplements stores. Alternatively, buyers may also purchase the product online for worldwide delivery. Those who take them swear that they make all the difference in the world. Especially, when it comes to engaging the creative parts of the mind and increasing recall and energy levels. From the reviews we’ve read online, it’s hard to find anybody who isn’t raving about them. The Seals’ endorsement can only be another step on the road to these supplements gaining mass appeal.

If you have seen the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper then you can imagine what might be possible! Who knows what humans can achieve once they are able to fully activate the dormant parts of the brain that many believe to be keys to human creativity, usually available only to the great geniuses of the ages.

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