Cognitive Enhancers – The Wonder Drug Helping Marvel Kick DC’s Butt!

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What makes Marvel the unstoppable force it has evolved to being? Read on to uncover the truth about the use of cognitive enhancers….



Marvel have been on what seems to be an endless run of creative and commercial victories over the last decade (let’s ignore Iron Man 3, shall we It’s only polite). However, few people know that Marvel studios are benefiting from cognitive enhancers, which are helping give them an edge in their war with DC.

Of course there are many factors to consider when discussing Marvel’s success. To start with they have hired well and brought in creative unknowns to lead some of their biggest projects, James Gunn on Guardians of the Galaxy and the Russo brothers on Captain America. They have also had healthy budgets to work with and a talented cast of actors. But then again, so have DC, and so do most Hollywood studios, so what is the differentiating factor?

Around Marvel HQ they swear by cognitive enhancers. ‘Nooshift” is the most common of these intellectual enhancers. They aren’t illicit or illegal, they just give already existing brain capacity a little help. Kevin Feige, the man behind Marvel, is said to be the leader of this trend. Every new writer is encouraged to spend time looking into Nooshift, to learn how much it can impact their focus.

Of course, these ‘wonder drugs’ can’t take you from illiterate to a screenwriter over-night. However, they can help support your quest, should you want to follow the path of letters. The effects of nootropic pills are not immediate and their effects build up cumulatively. This is ideal for writers of major movies, as they often have months in which to prepare a screenplay and need to have motivation and focus throughout that period. .

Many writers often struggle with writer’s block and lack of focus or motivation. Moreover, cognitive enhancers are used to eradicate these issues and allow an individual to focus at the task at hand. The science behind nootropics evolved out of working done with ADHD medicines. The effects of nootropics are known to be similar to Ritalin, but in a much cleaner way and less-addictive way.

Another fringe benefit of nootropics like Nooshift are that they can reduce anxiety and improve general mood. This has a knock-on effect on your sleeping pattern as well as your general productivity. You can imagine how important these issues are for screenwriters who require great levels of creativity and concentration, but are also under the stress of knowing that any mistake they make could end their career in a heartbeat.

The only director who was not keen to use Nooshift was Shane Black. Who is notoriously famous for his work writing and directing the Lethal Weapon movies with Mel Gibson. As the most experienced director that Marvel has used on a project thus far. Black presumably felt that his own methods had been successful enough for him in the past. Unfortunately for him, the proof was in the pudding and to say that the movie could have benefitted from a little brain boosting is under-estimating the facts somewhat.

While still commercially popular, as any Marvel project is likely to be. Iron Man 3 was panned by fans and critics alike for being disjointed and leaving fans with an unsatisfactory conclusion. Compare this movie with the second Avengers movie, which completely ignored the story of Iron Man 3. This is without doubt a win for nootropics and ensures that each new addition to the Marvel writing family is likely to at least give things like Nooshift a chance. Those who have signed on have gone on to write and produce some of the highest grossing movies of all time, meaning something is working correctly.

‘The Behind the Scenes’ – Conclusion

So, next time you watch a Marvel movie take a few moments to think about what has gone into the process of creating the spectacular spectacle before your eyes. Marvel studios has had to greenlight a project, find the right writers, directors, actors, sets and all the rest. The would then proceed to mould them into just the right type of person to do the Marvel legacy justice. At any stage things could go belly up, but they usually don’t. There is always a cool head behind the scenes balancing the stress of a multimillion-dollar project. At the same time, maintaining the need for inspiration and creativity while keeping things moving forward and on budget. Seemingly, the secret behind all of it is the use of cognitive enhancers.

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