2017 Top 5 Nootropic Pill Reviews

#1. Lift Nutraceuticals NooShift – Editor’s Choice



Price: $54.97

User Review: 4.8/5

Quality of Product: 4.9/5

Promotion Code: ‘shift10’

Money-back Guarantee: 1 Year

Project NooYou’s Nooshift takes #1 spot for the year with a storming charge into the world of nootropics, surpassing any product we have ever tested here at NootropicsCritic. The product itself contains an exceptional blend of ingredients, specifically the combination of Uridine, Noopept, and Huperzine A, which allows for it to stand miles ahead of its competitors.

Within days Nooshift had us feeling sharp, clear, focused, and as productive as we could ever be. 2 weeks in to our trial with Nooshift, one of the members in our trial group was gifted with an unbelievable experience….

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#2. Advanced Orthomolecular Research Ortho-Mind 



Price: $85.49

User Review: 4/5

Quality of Product: 4.2/5

Money-back Guarantee: unknown

Advanced Orthomolecular Research’s Ortho-mind comes in strong at 2nd place on our top 5 list, with several online forums rating this product as an above-average supplement. Based on our experiences with Ortho-mind, we’ve come to realise that it is indeed effective, and its ingredients seem to be thoroughly researched to assemble a well thought-out nootropic stack.

Our only concern with the product is the fact that its suggested dosage is 6 capsules a day. So even though a single bottle contains 180 capsules, it wouldn’t last for more than 30 days. This is essentially one of the bigger drawbacks of this product, however, if consuming 6 pills a day isn’t a problem for you be sure to check Ortho-mind out. It may work just for you!

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#3. Pure Essence Labs BrainEssence 



Price: $42.99

User Review: 3.4/5

Quality of Product: 3.9/5

Money-back Guarantee: 60 days

Brain Essence, a well known natural nootropic, is manufactured by Pure Essence Labs, an American health supplement company which has been in the business for the past 3 decades. During our our team came to admire the openness of Brain Essence, no ingredients are hidden behind any proprietary blend, which is always and upside. Moreover, the product itself consists of high quality ingredients with a lack of stimulants, ensuring a smooth effect rather than a jittery crash.

We are concerned about the possibility of negative side effects due to the high dosages of ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine: 800mg) present in the product. Potential side effects include: sleeping problems, headaches and stomach upset. That being said, we do recommend the product as it has successfully shown to enhance cognitive performance, however, we recommend taking lower dosages to begin with to see how it works for you.

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#4. Native Remedies MindSoothe 



Price:  $38.95

User Review: 3/5

Quality of Product: 3.7/5

Money-back Guarantee: 1 Year

Coming in 4th in our top 5 list, is none other than Native Remedies’s Mind Smoothe, a herbal supplement formulated to improve mood and emotions. Though it may not be suitable to aid cognition, it may still be useful for some individuals to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

70% of the reviews on amazon rate the product with 5 stars, moreover MindSoothe generally seems to have great customer feedback. If you’re looking for a natural way to potentially improve your mood, relax your mind, and reduce your anxiety, we recommend giving MindSoothe a try!

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#5. Mentis Laboratories Doxiderol



Price:  $34.95

User Review: 2.8/5

Quality of Product: 3.4/5

Money-back Guarantee: 90 Days After Purchase

Mentis Laboratories’s Doxiderol comes in at 5th place on our selective list of top nootropics. This product is typically marketed towards college students looking for an aid to help them ‘focus’, ‘remember’, and ‘concentrate’ during last minute study sessions. Doxideral, among various other products in the nootropics industry, has claimed to be an ‘adderall alternative’. We here at NootropicsCritic put there claims to the test. Read on to discover the truth about such claims…


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