NITROamp Review (Guarana Powerhouse) – Editor’s Choice Awards

NitroAmp hails from the reputable NitroVit family headed up by Archie Marks – a household name among bio hackers and an innovator in the field of supplements.  Where some supplement companies will clutter up their products with fillers or ambiguous “proprietary blends”. Marks and his team pride themselves on using appropriate doses of the best products for maximum results.  That’s why we weren’t surprised to see that NitroAmp only contained two impressive ingredients: Guarana and L-Theanine.

We were excited to see a hefty dose of Guarana because it’s a better version of the caffeine most of us consume on a daily basis.  Caffeine from sources like coffee can kill your workouts.  You start off strong with a great buzz and enough stamina to power through, but we all know what happens when the crash hits.  Your energy levels go downhill in a hurry leaving you anxious and jittery- worse off than before.  This is where Guarana is truly superior, because it gives you smooth energy with no crash, which is perfect for marathon sessions at the gym or endurance sports.

Would NitroAmp’s Guarana and L-Theanine combo get us pumped and through tough workouts?  Check out our closer look…

Nitroamp Ingredients 

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Nitroamp Supplement Facts

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  • Guarana 300mg
  • L-Theanine 200mg

Mechanisms of Action

The one two punch of Guarana and L-Theanine is a mighty one, mostly because of how these powerhouse ingredients play off one another.

As we mentioned before, Guarana is a preferable source of caffeine because it’s clean and crash free.  In addition to being more effective, it’s also exotic- sourced straight from the Amazon basin.  NitroAmp’s generous dose of Guarana means that nature’s finest caffeine will be fueling your workout from start to finish, no matter how intense or how long!

The real key is the marriage between Guarana and L-Theanine.  L-Theanine is a tea extract known to relax and calm.  L-Theanine helps with memory, focus and attention and is also a potent mood booster, it is also known to relax and calm.  It’s a dynamite combination that’s gets you in the right place mentally and physically before your workout.


Week One:

Right off the bat we realized that by taking NitroAmp, we didn’t crave or need coffee.  In the past, we’ve always had to gear up for a tough AM workout session with a few cups of Joe.  The fact that we no longer needed to do this really gave us a lot of faith in the product and made us optimistic about what we could expect in the coming weeks.  Additionally, we felt calmer and had less anxiety throughout the day.

Week Two:

The best thing that happened in Week Two is that our mood and outlook improved greatly.  We found ourselves more focused, both in the gym and in our daily lives.  We were more confident in our abilities and overall, more cheerful. L-theanine’s main function is to aid memory clarity, and has been shown to aid students when cramming information before exam time.

Around day 10 the L-Theanine was starting work and dream clarity upon waking was noticeably stronger.

Week Three:

In week three we looked forward to going to the gym, even for very grueling sessions, and found ourselves having the energy and focus to push through demanding workouts.  We were on fire; wanting to see what our bodies were capable of and knowing we could rise to the challenge.

The memory aspect of the formula becomes very clear by week three for most users as fluidity of speech, thought clarity really become pronounced and noticeable. A great confidence booster for those normally shy in social situations or when under pressure to recall information previously remembered.

Week Four:

In the final week we noticed that our reaction time was far superior to where it had been before taking NitroAmp.  Some of us train in Muay Thai and our increased focus allowed us to dominate in the ring.  Plus, the healthy dose of Guarana delivered the stamina to fight longer and better.

Whether a student cramming, an overworked achiever striving to stay ahead of the best at work, or an older person looking for healthy natural memory and mental energy support – Nitroamp delivers for all.

Purchasing Options

You can purchase NitroAmp online at .  It’s a 100% safe and secure buying portal and most customers enjoy same day shipping.   You can also try NitroAmp for 1 year with a risk free guarantee.  It’s affordable- starting at just $19.97 for a one month supply and you can get bigger discounts by buying in bulk.

Directions of Use

Take 1-2 capsules daily, preferably early to midmorning or before a challenging workout session.  Do not consume more than 4 capsules within a 24-hour period. Stay well hydrated when taking Nitroamp – or any stimulating supplement.

Is Nitroamp any good as a Memory, Confidence, Mental Energy Booster?

NitroAmp delivers.  It’s an incredibly powerful source of caffeine without any of the side effects that come with a big fat latte!  NitroAmp increased our mood and focus, and helped us substantially both in and out of the gym.  Our experience couldn’t have been more positive and with NitroAmp being as affordable as it is (less than a dollar a day) it’s easy to justify making this supplement a part of our daily consumption.

The team at Nootropics Critic love this inexpensive little supplement and we can’t really recommend this product more highly.  You will see an increase in the quality of your workouts and your outlook in general.  You might even wean yourself off the coffee for a better caffeine alternative.  Our advice: stop reading right now, get over to NitroAmp and buy this product right away.

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