Beautiful Mind Review – 4.0/5

beautiful mind review, beautiful mind supplement, beautiful mind menmory supplement reviewThe Beautiful Mind Review… What is it?

Beautiful Mind is a natural nootropic supplement packed with ingredients known for their effects on mental performance, mood and energy. Among these ingredients are three herbal extracts that are often used in nootropics; Gingko Biloba, Bacopa and St. John’s Wort.

Essential Stacks is the company behind Beautiful Mind, which also makes other health supplements including probiotics, vitamins, fish oil and more.

They pride themselves on being committed to producing high quality products and not pandering to fads by selling unresearched ‘superfood’ supplements or the like.

Their website is strictly no-nonsense, clear cut, easy to read and stripped of any of the ridiculous claims or flashy marketing that we’re so used to seeing.


Beautiful Mind’s formula is made up of 9 natural ingredients:

beautiful mind review and supplement factsGingko Biloba leaf extract 50mg
Phosphatidylserine 4% complex 125mg
N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI 50mg
St. John’s Wort 250mg
L-Glutamine 150mg
DMAE Bitartrate 50mg
Bacopa Monnieri leaf extract 100mg
Vinpocetine 2mg
Huperzine-A 10mcg
Beautiful Mind contains gelatin and is therefore unsuitable for vegetarians. It also contains soy lecithin.

There are a couple things that please us about this formula. The first is that nothing is hidden behind a proprietary blend; all of the ingredient dosages are there for us to see.

The second is the lack of any stimulants. This is how the manufacturers are able to promise no jitters or crash.

Beautiful Mind is made in an FDA- registered facility under GMP standards in the USA.
The ingredients in Beautiful Mind have been selected not only for their effects on brain health and function but for their ability to work together for enhanced effect.

They’re also completely natural and non-synthetic, and safe to use. There are no stimulants in this formula. This means you can avoid the jitters and restlessness that comes with some other brain pills


As stated on the bottle, Beautiful Mind promises better memory, focus and clarity. Having checked out the ingredients list for ourselves, we can see why.

Many of the ingredients used in their formula are well-known effective nootropics in their own rights. Here’s a quick run-down of how they work together to become Beautiful Mind:

  • Bacopa improves brain cell communication, thus enhancing memory.
  • Vinpocetine increases blood flow to the brain. To optimize its various functions and allowing better absorption of the rest of the formula.
  • Phosphatidylserine improves memory.
  • Gingko Biloba increases blood flow to the brain as well, but also benefits energy, memory and mood.
  • St. John’s Wort is great for improving mood and has subsequently been used in treatments of depression.
  • Huperzine-A increases levels of neurotransmitters and boosts memory.

Beautiful Mind Reviews

Beautiful Mind’s customers on Amazon seem to really like the product, and have given it lots of positive reviews. They said it gave them a clearer mind without jitters. Nootropic experts seem to like it, too. Brain Research Supplement and Memory Pill Reviews both gave Beautiful Mind a 7/10. Brain Pill Reviews was also fairly complementary, praising the formula for it’s good-quality ingredients and lack of fillers.

Where To Buy Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind is available on Amazon at $18.83 for one bottle containing 30 capsules. Since one serving is just one capsule, this should last a whole month.

Essential Stacks accept all major credit cards and PayPal, and provide a 30-day money back guarantee. Even if you haven’t bought directly from them. You just have to fill in a contact form on their website and send the bottle back to them.


We can’t knock Beautiful Mind. The ingredients it contains are used in countless other stacks out there. You might be wondering what makes Beautiful Mind any different.

As far as we can see, it’s their marketing approach. Instead of making promises they can’t keep and forcing the idea of a magical smart pill down our throats (as some providers do), they have a completely honest approach.

This might not impress some nootropics fans, but we think it’s pretty refreshing. The formula is nothing special, but it’s solid.

The only thing we’d like to see is the addition of something like Noopept. This would give it that extra edge and take it to the next level. Beautiful Mind is a good, mid-range stack, but it can’t compete with our editor’s choice.

Beautiful Mind Review – 4.0/5

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