Freedom from Distractions (in the form of an App)

It doesn’t matter how hard you resist, does it? No matter how hard you try to stay productive, every now and then your finger seems to just accidentally slip, causing you to accidentally click your “Facebook” bookmark.

This in turn, causes you to accidentally scroll through your news feed, where you accidentally click on one of your oldest friends, and 30 minutes later, you’re in a completely different place – by accident. But you aren’t doing work.

Well, there’s actually a solution to that. Perhaps the better solution is to be have more self-control, but if even you yourself know that you are going to have to indulge at some point, perhaps there might be a third party out there that can help you free yourself.

But Freedom comes in the form of an app – literally!

Freedom is an app that basically shuts off ALL online distractions immediately, allowing you to keep yourself productive while you need to get things done. How it works is actually pretty genius. It disables all types of networking for up to 8 hours at a time. This means no emails, no Facebook, no YouTube, no ANYTHING! And once you have pressed start, you really have to wait it out.

Unlike other alternatives offered on the market, if you set Freedom to not allow you internet access for an allotted time, there is really no way to get out of it. Quite literally, you are going to need to wait it out. There’s no getting around it either. If you try to put it to sleep for a few hours to let the counter go down, you’ll notice that the counter hasn’t moved since you put it to sleep.

That’s what makes it so brilliant, really. Once you have set it to not allow you to get on the internet to waste your time, you aren’t going to go on the internet at all. And when you have nothing else to do, you might as well just do some work. But man, oh man, does your heart skip a beat whenever you press the “start” button.

Give it a go:

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