How to Get Multitasking to Actually Work

Many people often associate negatives connotations to multitasking. When you’re actively doing two things at the same time, you aren’t really giving your 100% to either one of those things.

Well, technically, that’s true. When you’ve got more than one important thing to do, you shouldn’t do both of them at the same time. Having to switch mindsets between two tasks will waste a lot of time, and will get things done more slowly than it should be.

However, be as that may, there is an exception. If you want to multitask effectively, what you should be doing is layering your tasks properly. With this, you’ll be able to get many things done at the same time without a loss in overall efficiency.

The only way that multitasking will really work is when the tasks that you are trying to accomplish require different levels of thought and attention.

However, most crucial to the process is that you make sure that only one task really needs large amounts of focus and thought.

For example, you might be able to cook dinner, do the laundry, and read a book all at the same time – with little to no loss in work efficiency.

In that example, you’d be able to do all three efficiently because two of tasks you need to accomplish (cooking dinner and doing the laundry) really only need minimal amounts of attention and concentration.

Meanwhile, you’ll be reserving and using all your focus and brain power on reading your book. This way, you’re able to complete a complex task, meanwhile also accomplishing more minor, less demanding tasks at the same time.

This type of layering of different tasks is the only way to which multitasking can be done effectively.
This is why, although as good as a multitasker you might thing you are, you’re never going to get finished studying with your finals when you’re reading your textbook, texting your friends, and are online on Facebook all at the same time.

3 complex tasks cannot be done at the same time.

Do it right.

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